What to do for Neck Problems

The neck, technically the upper seven vertebrae of the spine, has a tough job. It must be agile enough to move quickly and freely but…

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What to do for Shoulder Pain

Every time you move your arm, you’re moving your shoulder too. It’s no wonder then that the shoulder is such an easy injury target. Athletes…

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Preventing and Treating Neck and Back Pain

If you suffer from back or neck pain, you know firsthand how it can keep you from enjoying life to the fullest. Spinal injury or…

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Hand & Wrist

How to Treat Your Hand Pain

When you suffer from pain in your arms or hands, even the simplest tasks become difficult and uncomfortable. Our hands and wrists are a vital…

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Common Conditions Affecting the Elbow

Our elbow is a complicated mechanism, made up of several bones, muscles and ligaments, all working together to provide an incredible range of motion and…

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What You Need to Know About Hip Pain

Your hips, along with your knees, bear your full body weight and have a wide range of motion making them susceptible to injury and arthritis….

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Understanding Your Knee Pain

Knee pain can make performing normal, everyday activities difficult and can make maintaining an active lifestyle nearly impossible. The knee is a complex hinge joint,…

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Foot & Ankle

Causes and Treatments for Foot & Ankle Pain

If you suffer from a foot or ankle condition, you know how painful it can be to stand or walk. Due to its complex anatomy,…

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