The neck, technically the upper seven vertebrae of the spine, has a tough job. It must be agile enough to move quickly and freely but it must also be strong enough to carry the head – easily a ten-pound load for most adults.

There are plenty of everyday activities that can cause neck problems: spending too much time in front of a computer screen; overdoing it during exercise; even sleeping in an awkward position. The common result is a stiff or sore neck, a condition that generally requires relatively conservative treatment. Remedies might include over-the-counter pain relievers, spending some time with a physical therapist, perhaps wearing a cervical collar until symptoms subside.

More serious injuries require more serious attention. The neck can take a real pounding any time there’s a sudden impact to the body – a sharp blow directly to the neck region, for example whiplash from a car accident. These sudden events can cause a variety of serious injuries – torn ligaments or tendons, herniated discs, damaged nerves and fractures to the neck vertebrae.

All types of neck injuries can be treated by orthopedic physicians like those on Ascendant’s medical staff – specialists with extensive training and experience in accurate diagnosis and compassionate, effective Indiana neck pain treatment.


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